Make Your Own Advent Forest

Here’s an advent calendar with a twist to add to the classroom Christmas decorations this year. An ideal group festive activity to engage the children and hide a sweet under each forest tree for the run up to Christmas.

DIY advent calendar

To make these you will need the following:

How to make an Advent Forest:

  1. Take the large cardboard egg tray and cut off one row to leave 6 x 4 = 24 spaces. Paint the egg tray dark green and put aside to dry.
  2. To make the cones, draw a large circle on each sheet of green card (approx 20cm diameter). Carefully cut out circle and then cut circle into four quarters.
  3. Roll each segment of card into a cone shape, overlapping the sides and bottom and fix with sticky tape. Make sure to check that your cones fit into your egg tray space and adjust accordingly before securing with the sticky tape!
  4. Decorate each cone by using a small amount of PVA glue on the tips and sprinkle on some silver glitter and attach a small pom pom.
  5. Number the small white stickers 1 to 24 and attach one to each cone.
  6. Finish of your advent calendar by hiding a small sweet under each cone!

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