Creepy Crawly Spider Hat – Halloween Crafts

How to make this creepy crawly Spider Hat

Add the finishing touch a fancy dress outfit with this creepy crawly spider hat. Easy to make, with basic equipment.

For this, you will need the following equipment:

Making a Spider Hat:

  1. Start of by measuring the child’s head. Add 4cm and note down the final figure.
  2. Cut out a 7cm wide band of black card. It should be as long as the measurement noted down earlier.
  3. Place the ban around the child’s head to get the correct fit, carefully remove headband and staple at the appropriate point.
  4. Next, we need to make the legs. Cut out 8 long strips of black card approximately 30cm in length and 2.5cm width.
  5. Fold each spider leg in half lengthways and staple them around the top of the headband (as you can see in the picture opposite). Once all 8 legs have been attached, make a 2.5cm fold at the bottom of each leg to make the feet. Glue a small rectangle of blue shiny paper onto each foot to decorate.
  6. Now all that is left to make is the eyes. Cut out two large circles of white card followed by two smaller circles of orange card. Stick the orange circles onto the white circles and then glue on the two large goggle eyes. Stick the assembled eyes into position on the hat and then you are all set to try it out for size!

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