Fizzling Fireworks Fiesta – Bonfire Night Crafts

Fireworks crafts

Pump up the excitement of fireworks and bonfire night! Get the children to make these colourful and exciting fireworks and bonfire pictures.

To make these crafts you will need the following:

Sheets of Black Card
White Card
Red, Silver, White and Yellow Paint
Paper Plates
PVA Glue/Glue Stick
Drinking Straws
Lolly Sticks
Brass Paper Fasteners
Painting Smock

To make a Bonfire Picture

  1. Give each child a sheet of black card and talk to them about fire, what it does, how it feels and the dangers etc.
  2. Put a variety of different coloured paints on the paper plates and encourage the children to mix different colours, including orange.
  3. If you wish to do straw painting, water the paint down slightly and flick some of
    it onto the paper and get the children to blow it upwards. See picture to the right for guidance. Or, if the children prefer, they can just use paintbrushes.
  4. Sprinkle on some glitter to give a sparkly effect before the paint dries and then leave the painting to one side to dry.
  5. To complete the bonfire, break up some lolly sticks and glue them to the base of the fire to look like logs.

To make Catherine Wheels

  1. Cut out circles from white card using a beaker as a template and get the children to decorate them in whatever colours they like…don’t forget to add some glitter before it dries!
  2. Once dry, take the ‘catherine wheels’ and push a paper fastener through the middle and attach to an A4 sheet of black card.
  3. Finish off by adding paint around the edges to give a feeling of movement when you spin the firework!

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