Build A Den For This Year’s Den Day Event!

This year Den Day takes place over two days in June. On Friday 17th, schools, nurseries and play groups will be getting creative and taking part in the event organised by the global charity, Save the Children. Educational establishments can order the official kit which has been designed specifically for different age groups and is packed full of fundraising ideas and resources to get you started with your den designs.

The event continues on the 18th June where families can join in the den building fun in their homes. All you need to get started is a sheet and a couple of chairs, then simply let your imaginations run wild! There’s also a household kit that can be ordered which contains ideas for everyday items, activities and tips, and ideas for building your dens.

One of the aims of the campaign is to teach children about the tough challenges faced by others in different parts of the world in their daily lives. By taking part in Den Day, children can raise money for the charity by donating £2 when they build their fantastic creations and raising this money will go towards helping to change the lives of children in various challenging countries across the globe.

Save the Children UK’s head of Fundraising Campaigns Vicky Fallon said, “We were amazed at the incredible response of children in 2015 who took part in Den Day to raise money to help children around the world. By designing their dream den and raising money, school children taking part in Save the Children’s Den Day can help transform children’s lives.”

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Use your Imaginations this Den Day

It’s really easy to participate in Den Day and you don’t need much to begin. Lengths of fabric draped over tables and chairs, or a few wooden poles is a great starting place and will give children the opportunity to use their imaginations without any constraints. Alternatively, there is a huge variety of den building kits available which will encourage children to work with others and develop their team skills. Den Day is a great cause to get involved with because not only does it raise money for charity, but it also helps children to understand the needs and lives of others around the world.

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