Get Involved With British Science Week

Here at Early Years Resources, we’re really looking forward to British Science Week 2016 – which takes place between the 11th and 20th March. It’s an exciting opportunity to really raise the profile of science within education, and promote the stimulating possibilities that can be found within the subject. This year, the theme is all about the different spaces where science can be found and carried out. The British Science Week website has an array of ideas and teaching activities that are suitable for early and primary years. The activities within the downloadable packs help develop scientific thinking across the many spaces around us – digital space, outer space, built space and even personal space. The activities can be adapted or extended to suit the needs of the children being taught.

We’ve had a look at some of the activities available to give you an idea of how you can implement them in your setting:

Building a Pyramid

A group task in which to design, build and test a Pyramid. A great STEM activity that will really get children thinking. They will have to work together to decide on the materials, shape and size of their design and how well it will stand up to testing with weights and the wind.



Suggested Products: MM6, PP137, KL284

Be a Wildlife Explorer

A fantastic activity especially for younger children as this just needs your local environment.  Take groups out to investigate the area around their school or setting and find out what plants, trees and animals live there.

Wildlife Explorer

Suggested Product: KL353, GH652, KL366

Electro Dough

In this activity, you will need some dough that can easily be made at home with the ingredients listed in the activity pack. The dough acts as a conductor and with some simple electrical circuit equipment you can make some exciting creations and make them light up and buzz!

Electro Dough

Suggested Products: GH1053, TY1095, GH388

These are just a few of the ways you can get involved with British Science Week which is a fantastic opportunity to showcase how and why science is so important in everyday life. For teaching resources and educational products to inspire you during the event, have a look through our extensive selection of science supplies online.

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