5 Spring Activities for Early Years

spring activities for early years children

As we come to the end of the first half term of the year, and those dark cold mornings start to disappear, our thoughts turn to the start of spring, a new topic and how we can engage our little learners with the joys of spring and new beginnings.

There are many different spring activities for children that will make learning fun. It’s an ideal time to see and understand the changes that take place in nature; an opportunity for children to become familiar with the joys and wonder of the new season.

Spring is a great time to explore nature with your children and the ideas and activities below are based on the lifecycles, seeds and springtime animals that are visible during this time of year.

Spring Activity Ideas for Children

Habitats and Minibeasts:

A nature walk is a great way to introduce little ones to their immediate environment and inspire a love and interest in the natural world. Children will love to see what is growing and living around them. Why not grab some magnifiers and our free downloadable minibeast spotter to see what’s living on your doorstep.

minbeasts spotter

New Life and lifecycles:

A very popular and engaging method of introducing life cycles to young children is to read and study the story of The Hungry Caterpillar which illustrates beautifully the changes and adaptations a caterpillar goes through to become a butterfly. To enhance children’s engagement with the story we have some hand painted and sculpted figures that demonstrate accurately the butterfly lifecycle.


Planting and Growing:

Our watch me grow planter is a great resource to be able to explore and investigate growth below and above the soil. The clear Perspex windows will allow children to observe root systems and minibeast guests.  If you wanted to do similar investigations but on a smaller scale, our show and grow tubes allow children on an individual basis to grow seeds and watch them develop above and below!


Butterfly Garden:

An engaging way of teaching children to take care of living creatures as they grow. They will see caterpillars eating food and growing bigger before they become chrysalises and develop into pretty butterflies, ready for their release. A butterfly kit will delight children who will enjoy seeing each stage of the transformation whilst learning new skills.


Outdoor Mark-Making:

Taking mark-making activities outdoors is a great opportunity for children to have fun whilst getting messy! Mark-making is an important step in a child’s development and is the first stage of them being able to write. Children will begin to experiment with scribbling and making patterns, and taking the activity outdoors will present a great selection of materials they can use. Try creating spring pictures with paints, brushes, textured rollers, twigs and leaves.


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