National Storytelling Week and How You Can Celebrate

30th January 2016 sees the start of National Storytelling Week, an annual festival that aims to bring people together to celebrate the tradition and magic of a great story. The event is now in its 135th year but since 2000, it has been promoted by the Society for Storytelling, a charity whose mission is to encourage “the oral tradition of storytelling”.

During the weeklong festival (30th January to 6th February 2016), events will take place in theatres, schools, museums, hospitals, nurseries… in fact anywhere that people can get together to create and listen to great stories!

How You Can Get Involved With National Storytelling Week.

The event is celebrated by people of all ages who love to feed their imaginations, and appreciate the art and craft of storytelling. There’s a variety of ways you can participate in the event – take a look at some of our suggestions below:

  • Ask children in your class to bring in their favourite book from home and get them to talk about the story and why they like it with their classmates.
  • Ask your pupils to dress up as a character from their favourite book.
  • Organise a class trip to visit your local library. Most libraries have special children’s sections that allow them to relax and explore their book collection.
  • One for older children – play a game of consequences with your class and be amazed at the stories that unfold! The players sit in a circle with one pen and a piece of paper between them. Each player completes one part of the story by writing their answer on the paper and folding it over so the next player can’t see what was written.

The structure is usually:

  1. A description, such as “The scary…” or “The beautiful…” etc.
  2. A man’s name
  3. Another description (as point 1)
  4. A woman’s name
  5. Where they met
  6. What he gave her
  7. What she said
  8. What he said
  9. What the consequence was

There really is no limit to the stories that can be created!

These are just a few of the ways you can join in with National Storytelling Week and hopefully these ideas will help to inspire children and ignite their imaginations.

Storytelling Resources

At Early Years Resources, we have some great products that can motivate and encourage children to get creative and develop their storytelling abilities.

Really Random Story Bags

Really Random Story Bags have been designed exclusively by the EYR product development team, who worked closely with teachers, to develop this innovative and educational resource. In the pack, you’ll receive a ‘where’, a ‘what’ and a ‘who’ bag, which each contain a selection of settings cards, objects and characters. Children simply select an item from each bag (or more if they want to get really creative) and build their story. The sets are totally open-ended and thousands of combinations can be made.


Classics Book Pack

A bumper pack of classic stories including ‘Black Beauty’, ‘Treasure Island’ and ‘The Secret Garden’. These special editions also have bonus content such as author profiles, quizzes and reviews.


Betsy the Hen Book and Soft Toy

A beautifully illustrated book and soft toy set which allows children to explore literacy and life cycles. Children will enjoy the wonderful story, whilst playing along with included egg and chick toys.


For more great resources, have a look at our comprehensive storytelling section with the link below, or alternatively, request a catalogue here.

link to storytelling resources

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