Brand New Maths Resources for the Early Years: EYR 2016 Catalogue Out Now!

Here at EYR we have been extremely busy over the last few months producing our brand new 2016 catalogue. There have been many new exciting lines added, including some of our own developed products.


Each section has been developed by a team of expert buyer and teacher working together to bring the newest and most useful resources to the classroom. We are very proud of the new products we have been able to showcase this year especially those in the curriculum areas, notably within mathematics. We want to support practitioners in creating generations of children who are confident in maths and develop a love for the subject. Mathematics introduces children to ideas, skills and thinking strategies that are useful in everyday life; therefore it is vital to be able to teach maths in a fun, innovative and engaging way.

Mathematic Resources for the Early Years

These are a selection of our own developed and new resources we have within Mathematics in the 2016 catalogue suitable for Early Years maths.

Early Maths Progress Kit 

Specifically for the Foundation stage the Early Maths Progress Kit brings together a variety of resources that really support the development of Early Maths and how to help young children in Maths.  The practical books and engaging soft toy character provide a helpful framework building both practitioner and pupil skill’s ensuring rapid progress is made across these key areas of learning. Embed the learning through active play and investigation across your setting. Each pack comes with helpful notes and ideas for evidencing impact.


Number Essentials Class Pack 

A fantastic, great value kit packed full of maths classroom essentials for teaching number, counting and much more. Suitable for Foundation and Key Stage 1. The kit includes resources such as bead strings, number fans, counters and number lines. Perfect for creating individual math kits that can be used around a setting.


Felt Rainbow Sorting Baskets 

A unique set of 7 felt, rainbow coloured baskets, each one containing 7 felt balls. A beautiful, natural and safe collection which will appeal to the senses and promote open ended play and discovery.


Five Fierce Dragons Rhyme Set 

Five Fierce Dragons will have your children breathing fire, as they count down from 5 to 1. An engaging and ideal resource for number role play. This set includes 5 dragon puppets which are the perfect prop for small world imaginative play, display and storytelling.  It can be used in themed areas and promotes learning through play in the EYFS.


Number Match Locks 

These corresponding locks and keys allow children hands on practice with matching and counting from 1 to 20, whilst building motor skills. Match the number on the key to the number word and stars on the lock. When the numbers match, the key will turn and the lock will open.


Dinosaur Bones Match and Measure 

These dinosaur bones are cast from a durable and unique mix, and can be buried in sand, soil or even water. They will instantly appeal to children’s instincts to explore, investigate, collect, compare and measure. Each bone increases in size by 2cm and can be used to introduce the concept of measurement, doubling and halving. The activity cards encourage children to match, count, compare, order and measure the bones they discover.


You can see our full range of mathematics resources online, or alternatively, you can request a catalogue below.

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