How To Make Your Own Light Box for Exploring and Sensory Play

Introduce light box activities to your children during the holiday season. Lights are everywhere and there are so many opportunities to discover and learn through light box play. It is great fun for all ages, from babies to much older children.

A traditional light box is used to explore objects with the added dimension of an upward facing light. It is brilliant for investigation and experimenting with mark making, colour mixing, sensory play and for creating patterns.

At Early Years Resources, there’s an extensive selection to choose from, including light panels, mood light shapes, and light tables. Some of the most popular items in the range are the Ultra Bright LED Panel and the colour changing cube.

Colour Changing Cube

Colour Changing Cube

DIY Light Box

If you’re feeling creative and want an easy project, which utilises everyday bits and pieces, why not make your own lightbox? It’s really simple and will keep your youngsters entertained for hours.

To Make Your Own Light Box You Need:

  • An opaque, plastic container with a clear lid. The lid needs to be as free from lines and print as possible so it doesn’t obstruct the lighted area and is smooth to play on.
  • 2 strings of Christmas lights. Battery operated is best, to allow for manoeuvrability, but mains powered can also be used – just feed the cable through the lid.
  • Large sheets of tracing paper and sticky tape/glue stick.

How to Assemble your Light Box:

  • Line the inside of the box lid with sheets of tracing paper and stick down with sticky tape/glue stick. This will dull the light and help it to disperse more evenly.
  • Put the Christmas lights into the box and spread them out evenly.
  • Put the lid on.
  • Turn the lights on and wow, you have your light box (it may be more effective if you turn off the lights).

Everyday Light Box Accessories

There are so many wonderful manipulatives which can be used on a light table: any type of translucent items will work well.   Why not try straws, shot cups, ice cream scoops, cocktail stirrers, glass or acrylic beads, nuggets and stones, coloured cellophane, bracelets, rings and glowsticks; these are all wonderful for encouraging open ended play on a light box.

Accessories Grouped

Light Box Accessories

sensory play resources

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