Advent Activity Inspiration

What is Advent?

Traditionally, Advent marks the beginning of the Christian Year and takes place the four weeks before Christmas, beginning on November 29 or the nearest Sunday. ‘Adventus’ is the Latin word for advent and means, arrival or coming. It is a time for Christians to prepare for the celebration of the birth of Jesus.

What is an Advent Wreath?

Churches will have an Advent wreath, rather than floral displays, during the month of December, to mark the time of Advent. The Advent Wreath is a circle of evergreen branches, with 4 candles (one pink and three purple), positioned around the wreath. These are lit, one each Sunday, during Advent. A final white candle is placed in the centre of the Wreath, to be lit on Christmas Day to celebrate the birth of Jesus.

What are Advent Calendars?

Advent Calendars are a physical countdown of the 24 days leading up to Christmas Day. There are usually 24 numbered windows or boxes, to be opened daily, which will have either a picture or surprise behind the door. 

They also provide another opportunity to indulge in some art and craft activities! Creating your own advent calendars can be a fun activity for groups of children, and make Advent and the Christmas period even more exciting.

Advent Calendar Filler Ideas

Rather than filling your Advent calendar with sweets, how about putting little notes into each one, suggesting an activity to be carried out that day? 

Here are just a few activity suggestions for some Advent Activities;

Create a Christmas Card

Creating Christmas cards is a popular craft activity to do over the festive months, try having a go at making our simple festive Snowman Cards.

Make Christmas Tree Decorations

Decorating a Christmas Tree is always very exciting! And when you make your own decorations for a tree, it’s even better. Watch our video for simple step-by-step instructions for making Lolly Stick Tree Decorations or Snowmen Tealight Tree Decorations.

Read a Christmas Story

There are lots of beautiful Christmas and Winter stories, so reading a Christmas Story is a simple Advent Activity to do!

We recommend the lovely Robin’s Winter Song.

Write Santa a Letter

Always a daunting task, but necessary! How else will Santa know who to get presents for? Don’t forget to decorate the envelope!

Make a Christmas Gift

A hand-made Christmas Present is always a little bit extra-special. A fantastic Advent Activity for children to get involved in is making a gift.

Have a go at making our Festive Reindeer Photo Frame.

Play a Christmas Game!

Children often get very excited around Christmas time – and who can blame them?! One way to channel that excitement is to play a fun festive game.

Try making our Snowman Shoot Game.

Make a Christmas Wreath

An easy but essential Advent Activity task to complete!

Find instructions on making our Paper Plate Christmas Wreaths here.

Put on a Festive Puppet Show

He’s behind you! Putting on a puppet show is always a fun activity to do with children, and it’s extra special if it’s a Festive Puppet Show!

Find out how to make some festive puppets here.

For more Advent Activity Inspiration, take a look at our list below;

  • Learn about how another country celebrates Christmas
  • Make some biscuits for the local retirement home
  • Make some reindeer food (porridge oats and glitter in a little jar).
  • Put on Christmas Carols/Music and have a dance
  • Hold the door open
  • Say good morning
  • Offer to let others go first
  • Invite someone to play
  • Say thank you
  • Help to tidy the classroom.
  • Help at home, without being asked
  • Make some crackers
  • Learn a new Christmas song
  • Learn a Christmas joke
  • Make Christmas paperchains
  • Make paper snowflakes
  • Go to a Carol service
  • Make mince pies
  • Wrap presents
  • Watch a Christmassy film
  • Fill a shoebox for a Christmas Shoebox Appeal

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