Christmas Crafts for Early Years

With Christmas just over two weeks away, now is an ideal time to get young children involved in Christmas creative craft activities.

Now is a great time to get children involved in making Christmas cards to take home and give to their parents and relatives. Craft activities are both a great fun and creative pastime as well as an educational tool for young children. They can also aid learning in other EYFS educational areas such as language skills, music, art, science, maths and even health and nutrition.

Getting involved in craft activities can also extend a child’s fine motor skills and further develop key concepts like colours and numbers. While working on craft activities children will also see and experience natural and scientific processes such as gluing and seeing paint dry.

Craft activities enable children to explore ideas and concepts and then express them by actually making something tangible that they can keep. Art and craft activities engage young children through a variety of learning styles and also can often encourage creative writing and storytelling.

Here at Early Years Resources, we have an extensive selection of Early Years craft resources, both for the Christmas period and all year round. If you take a look at our Creative Christmas Craft selection, you will find Christmas cut-out cards, which are colour cards with festive shapes precut on the front. These are ready to decorate by simply adding glitter paper, tissue, cellophane or other craft materials to the reverse of the cards to create stunning effects. Amongst a wealth of craft resources we also have Rudolph Reindeer Faces which are ready to decorate and display or use as masks.

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