New EYR “Light & Dark” Themed Downloadable resources for Winter

Early Years Resources are pleased to introduce our first free downloadable resource on the Early Years educational topic of Light and Dark.

The Light and Dark theme is a seasonal favourite covered by early years teachers and carers in the months of December and January as the daylight hours draw in. Children can be inspired and captivated by the notions and experiences of Light and Dark, especially in these long winter evenings.

Following the EYFS specific areas of learning there is an important opportunity here to use Light and Dark to help children understand nature and the world around them and to help them further develop an appreciation of sunrises, sunsets, sunbeams, shadows and lots more.

In our first Light and Dark themed download we have created a sheet with pictures of nocturnal animals. There are a pair of owls, with each perched on a tree. It is night time and the stars are out in the sky as is a full moon. A friendly looking fox is also stood by one of the trees. It will be both great fun and educational at the same time for a child to colour in these figures and the night time sky, with either crayons, felt tips or paint.

This great download is absolutely free from the Early Years Resources® website. Find it by clicking on the EYR LIGHT & DARK DOWNLOAD link here.  Alternatively visit the DOWNLOAD SECTION of the website where you will find hundreds of free downloadable resources on a multitude of themes including literacy, numeracy, phonics, Christmas and lots more.

Also remember that EYR offer a great range of paints, painting accessories and children’s art and craft supplies.

link to free downloadables

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