Sporty Father’s Day Cards – Crafts

Send some colourful greetings to dad on Father’s Day with these sporty cards. These cards can be easily adapted to match your Dad’s interest.

To create the Father’s Day Rosette card you need:-


  1. Fold the A4 sheet of blue card in half to make a vertical greetings card.
  2. Take your length of orange crepe paper and concertina fold it, making each fold approx. 1cm wide. When the whole length is gathered, staple one of the ends together. Gently fan out the other end, bring the edges together to form a circle. Use a small piece of tape to stick the ends together. You should now have the base of your rosette.
  3. Using some scraps of gold paper cut out the ribbons for your rosette.
  4. Find a small picture of each child and cut the photos into circles to fit in the middle of each rosette. Stick in place using pieces of double-sided sticky tape.
  5. It’s now time to construct your card. Stick the rosette near the top of the card using double-sided tape, pressing down firmly. Place the ribbons underneath the rosette and attach them using a glue stick.
  6. To complete, print or write ‘No. 1 Dad!’ onto a piece of white paper and stick below the rosette.

Bicycle Fathers Day Card

To create the Bicycle Card you will need:-


  1. Fold the A4 sheet of natural card in half to make a horizontal greetings card.
  2. Cut out shapes from scraps of foam to make up your bicycle. Use the picture above for guidance.
  3. When all your pieces are cut out, assemble them onto the card and then attach them using a glue stick or pieces of double-sided tape.
  4. To finish, add a circular picture onto one of the wheels and write or print ‘Happy Father’s Day’ onto white paper. Attach both in place using a glue stick.

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