Spooky Spiders – Halloween Crafts

To create these quick and easy Spooky Spiders you will need:

Making your Halloween Spooky Spiders

  1. Cut sections of cardboard nesting tubes or kitchen roll tubes to a variety of lengths. The length of the pieces will determine the size of your spiders. Ours measured approx. 10cm, 8cm and 6cm.
  2. Paint each of the sections (inside and out) in black paint (we used acrylic for a shiny finish), and leave to dry. When dry, use a pair of scissors to cut the tubes into eight sections to make the legs, leaving a section at the top for the outside of the spider’s body.
  3. Add a pair of wiggle eyes to each spider and some scrunched up black tissue paper to the inside of each tube to complete the body. Bend the legs to get your spider to look like he is crawling!

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  • Annie T

    Love these. Great for the kids to get involved in.

  • Kirsty M

    Bit of a tip, if your kids are young then use washable black paint. Mine had a field day with my kitchen cupboards. Anyone got a good tip for removing acrylic paint from wood? :/

  • Canada Goose

    Stumbled across this when looking for Halloween activity for our kids. Will try this out in the run up to Halloween. Super ideas!