Spectacular Firework Fiesta Crafts

To create this Spectacular Firework Fiesta you will need:

How to make a firework fiesta:

  1. Let each child select a cardboard tube. Cut longer tubes into shorter pieces e.g. we cut a nesting tube into two. Get the children to paint their tube with colours that reminds them of fireworks. While the paint is wet, why not roll the tube in glitter similar to the gold firework in our picture. Allow the tubes to dry.
  2. In the meantime, lay all the pipe cleaners out on a table and let the children choose which one they like. Encourage them to wrap one or two pipe cleaners around a pencil to create whorls and spirals. Cut strips of foil and tissue paper too.
  3. Gather together the pipe cleaners, foil and tissue paper into a bunch and push them into a tube. Fan them out and add star stickers to finish.

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