How to make a simple Diva Lamp

To make this simple Diva lamp you will need the following:

Making your Diva Lamps

1. Give each child a ball of clay. Ask them to soften the clay by rolling, squashing and squeezing it. diva-lamp-1

2. Ask them to make it back into a ball shape and then squash it flatter (but still keep the clay quite thick). diva-lamp-2

3. Let them shape the lamp by gently pinching the clay up at the edges to make the sides and pressing down on the centre part to make enough flat space to fit a tealight.  diva-lamp-3

4. At this stage, you can press petals or sequins into the clay or leave it plain. Leave the shaped pot to dry for a few days. diva-lamp-4

5. Once the lamp is dry, it can be painted. Children can mix glitter into the paint and decorate the pot, or paint it first and then sprinkle glitter onto it before the paint dries. diva-lamp-5

6. Once the paint is dry, place a tealight onto the diva lamp and let an adult light it. diva-lamp-6

N.B. Adult supervision is essential while the tealight is lit.

Divali also known as the festival of light is a Hindu festival celebrated on the 13th lunar day of Krishna paksha. Traditionally Divali involves the lighting of small clay lamps filled with oil to signify the triumph of good over evil.

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