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This article has been written by primary school teacher, Heather McAvan, who talks about the struggles with creating classroom displays in primary schools.

One of the things I have always struggled with as a teacher is making displays and things to brighten up my classroom, I’m just not creative in that way! I was lucky enough to work with a really creative teacher a few years ago, we made such a great team as I was good at the more academic stuff and she came up with really fun ideas for display. It will come as no surprise to anyone that her class were happy, motivated and well behaved, just goes to show.

Luckily for me, there are now many improved websites with lots of fabulous display resources on them, quite a shift from the early days of hunting round and finding nothing. I think that teachers have started to become aware of how many great teaching resource websites are out there and really start to utilise them. One of my favourites from twinkl (not bias, honest…), in terms of display resources is this lovely weather bunting, perfect for draping across your classroom (fasten securely you don’t want the burglar alarm going off in the night!) and really brightening the place up with the lovely hand drawn weather designs, also great for reminding children of the spellings for months of the year.

For Early Years, I really love our role play packs and story sacks, wonderful for bringing stories to life and trying out real life scenarios. I guess there is some discussion about other sorts of classroom resources and whether it is good practice or not to use them, I am talking specifically about worksheets. For me, they are fine as a quick filler activity or for a supply teacher or cover for when you are ill, but not great for everyday use. Quite often if you are pushed for time you might find yourself printing something off and actually it’s not in keeping with what you want children to learn and what they need.

My guess is that learning is going to become even more “online” in the future. Already we are seeing a massive impact on learning through things like blogs and wikis, the use of iPads and other handheld devices. I wonder what the future holds for education?

Finally, here’s a little something you might want to display in your staff room, and something we should all remember, Keep Calm and Teach On!

This is a guest post written by experienced primary school teacher Heather McAvan (google profile 102055937631442104297) who blogs over at Twinkl Primary Resources.

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