Mother’s Day Art and Craft Resources

Mother’s Day or Mothering Sunday is celebrated on the second Sunday of March annually; this year, Mother’s Day falls on March 10 2013. Mother’s Day is a special day for celebrating mums, motherhood and the influence of mothers in our society.  Here at Early Years Resources we have a whole range of art and craft resources to create your own Mother’s Day gifts, cards and decorations.  Perfect for use in early years educational settings, primary schools, by childcare professionals and in the home.

Mother’s Day Card Making Accessories

These selection of art and craft resources are perfect for making beautiful Mother’s Day cards.

Mother’s Day Gifts to Make & Decorate

We have an excellent range of blank canvas gift products and decorative products that makes perfect presents for Mother’s Day.

Baskets, Boxes & Bags to Make & Decorate

We have a range of blank baskets, boxes and bags that can be beautifully decorated with paints or collage materials.

Mother’s Day Decoration Accessories

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