Superheroes save the day!

At Early Years Resources, we have been thinking about how versatile the topic of Superheroes is, and how it excites and inspires children of all ages. The topic can cover many aspects of the curriculum, whether in the Foundation Stage or in KS1. Here are a few examples of our ideas:

Creative Development / Art – decorating Superhero outfits, painting Superhero scenarios

Creative Development / Music – making a Superhero theme tune or sound effects, listening to Superhero music and thinking about the scenarios that the music conjures up and how it makes you feel

Creative Development / Dance – create a Superhero dance routine or movement sequence

Physical Development / PE – can your young Superheroes navigate an obstacle course to reach the ‘baddie’?

Design Technologydesigning and making Superhero gadgets or vehicles , or a healthy Superhero snack

Scienceinvestigating magnetic powers, thinking about super powers in nature eg. chameleons / camouflage, cheetahs / running fast, puffer fish / expanding in size

Role Play – using other children/teddies/dolls/miniature world characters to act out stories, dressing up

CLL / Literacywriting descriptions of settings, character descriptions, sound effect bubbles, speech bubbles, comic strip/story board, story sequencing, writing a newspaper report after a rescue – perfect for encouraging reluctant writers

PSRN / Numeracy – Superhero problem solving, counting Superheroes, use a Superhero to fly along the numberline helping solve additions and subtractions

ICT – recording Superhero stories or poems using microphones, filming your own Superhero adventure on a video camera , use Google Earth to think about how the world looks from the air

PSE / PSHEbullying, helping others, what makes me special, keeping fit and healthy

The list of possibilities seems to be almost endless!

Please feel free to reply to this blog, or email us, if there are any Superhero ideas or resources that you would like us to add to our catalogue.

P.S. We’re working on the downloadable resources to go with this topic too!

link to the superhero set

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