EYR Free Downloadable Resources

Because our teacher team at EYR know how pressed for time you are, we are committed to improving and extending our range of free downloadable resources. We believe that our custom designed graphics will provide you with great quality resources to enhance your Early Years curriculum. Whether it’s dynamic display, topical topics or fun with phonics, we’re confident that one of our extensive range of free resources will be just right for your setting. Our recent additions include a set of topical Father’s Day, Cinderella/Diamond Jubilee and Olympic Games downloadables, and an extensive set of free downloads inspired by a very famous hungry caterpillar! Also included in our free downloads are sets of numeracy resources, seasonal calendars, traditional tales sets and a full range of popular Early Years topic sets, including our brand new dinosaur downloads . We hope you find our downloadable resources useful and if you have any ideas for adding to our range, please let us know.

link to free downloadables

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