EYR at TES Resources Show this Week

This week we’re all very busy preparing for the TES Resources Show North to be held on Friday 20th and Saturday 21st April in Manchester Central (still known to many as ‘G Mex’). This is a great opportunity not only to meet our local customers but also to get feedback on some of our new, own developed products (such as our Weaving Frames, Fruit Puzzles, Vegetable Puzzles, Waterway Towers, Outdoor Posters, Toys from the Past Pack) that will be displayed on our stand. Mrs M has been practising denmaking over the weekend as she’s going to try to recreate an outdoor environment in a rather limited amount of space on our stand.  We’ve also been polishing up our  pricing gun techniques as we’ll be bringing hundreds (possibly an exaggeration, but an awful lot) of our most popular smaller products – card, glue, pointers, windy day products, balls, musical instruments, and more, so customers can stock up at bargain prices. Come and say hello and meet Mrs M!

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