Praise indeed for our First Years ‘explore and investigate’ products

Our First Years products were recently applauded at a new ‘play and explore’ session for mums and young children. Favourites for the youngest children were the EYR Tactile Cushion Pack and the Boing Proballs. The babies were thrilled with the tactile cushions, as they investigated the variety of textures or used them to cuddle, just like a favourite comforter. Also popular were the Boing Proballs which were the perfect size for little hands and amazed the children when they lit up and changed colour. The toddlers and pre schoolers were also well catered for with an exciting selection of toys to explore and investigate. The dance rings, easy hold colour panels and magnifiers and mirrors proved to be the biggest hits! At the end of the sessions, the mums and children were unanimous in their praise for such and extensive range of toys, which presented exciting, challenging and ‘different’ play opportunities.

link to explore and investigate products

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