The Power of Playfoam

“What is that – it looks amazing?” “Wow – it feels really sticky but my hands don’t get sticky at all.” “Look at my tree – you can make all sorts of shapes with this.”

These are some of the reactions I have had from children when using Playfoam with them. They are right too – it really is an amazing product. I have been using Playfoam at school for over a year now – ever since my daughter was given some as a present. It has so many creative uses and the children never tire from using it. It is excellent for strengthening the muscles in the hands as children manipulate it into the shapes they require. Playfoam also has the added bonus of not being in the slightest bit messy – it does not stick to surfaces and leaves no residue, as well as being long-lasting because it doesn’t dry out, no matter how often it is used or how long it is left for. A true classroom champion!

This year, as well as the original pack of 6 coloured Playfoam brick, we have also introduced into our range a Super Saver 18 brick set, and a sparkly set of 4 bricks – the creative fun just keeps on growing!

link to playfoam resources

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