A Problem Solved for Children & Teachers On the Go!

A few weeks ago, when I was wearing my other ‘hat’ as a classroom teacher, a parent stopped me to ask where she could get a workbelt from. She explained her son had been wearing one in school and wanted one for home so he could keep all his ‘things’ in it. He had been given a workbelt when I tested them in school a few months earlier. Children’s Workbelts are now included the Young Explorers range in our Outdoor Section. They have been designed to hold writing equipment (pencils, crayons, Post Its, note pads etc.) and all those essentials children on the go may need (binoculars, compass, string, toy mobile phoneetc.). They are made from durable, heavy duty, washable fabric and are big enough to fit over a winter coat, perfect for your outdoor classroom, role play or writing areas. An Adult Workbelt is also available, just the thing for busy teachers, on the go, who need everything to hand.

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