Toy Show Treasure Hunt

We all managed to get back from the London Toy Fair in one piece (well almost, there was the shocking / embarassing / hilarious incident when our colleague, Mrs M became trapped in the ticket barrier at Euston for rather a long time, holding up hundreds of rush hour travellers). The toy fair was much as expected – lovely, truly educational products hidden in the avalanche of commercial hype.

We found some beautiful wooden items to extend our role play and miniature world ranges and bright, attractive hand puppets and finger puppets to complement our current selection of storytelling puppets. We also discovered more puppets and toy characters that link to popular books such as Gruffalo, The Very Hungry Caterpillar and Wibbly Pig. Nestled amongst the big, shouty, lights-flashing stands were one or two, more demure vendors who manufacture mainly for the education market and, by and large, get it right. These sancturies of sanity offer us the best choice of products and here we found some interesting additions to our phonics, shape and space and fine motor skills ranges plus new versions of Play Foam.

Next stop Nuremberg Toy Fair – fewer out of work actors dressed up in 8 foot tall, purple fun fur costumes, more gentlemen in leiderhosen watching model trains and, hopefully, lots of fresh ideas from Europe (and the rest of the World). Our quest for new products continues!

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