Finding new products isn’t child’s play!

This week we make our annual visit to the London Toy Fair. This is always an interesting and surprisingly challenging excursion. The problem with toy fairs is, well, the toys…. cute, cuddly toys; noisy, irritating toys; menacing, aggressive toys and dozens of toys that have been designed purely to ride TV or blockbuster bandwagons and part hectored parents from their inflation-diminished cash. Amongst all the over-packaged, over-engineered, over-priced wares there will be some little gems that deserve a place in our product range and, more important, your home, nursery or classroom. So, we will fearlessly pick our way through shelves of ‘character merchandise’, scrutinise products that are described as ‘educational’ (by dint of including some letters or numbers or an elaborate clock face  and avoid the temptation to be drawn into demonstrations of excruciatingly complicated board games – to find enduringly appealing, durable products that offer open-ended, quality play value (such as our Waterway Tower), support appropriate stages of development (such as Kidfetti Play Pellets) and are excellent value for money (such as our Weaving Frames). Easy! We’ll let you know how we got on ….

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