messy play ideas and activities 22/02/2018

Alternative Messy Play Ideas & Activities

Are you ready for a whole heap of messy fun? Children just love the feel of gooey gunge and messy hands! Let the children explore their senses and learn in a fun and exciting environment with these alternative messy play ideas and activities for your early years setting. Messy play is extremely important for a child’s development! You can use messy play to support learning for most educational subjects in the classroom, including literacy and maths. Children learn particularly well through discovery and research shows that messy play helps to... Read More

sensory play activities and ideas 15/02/2018

Sensory Play Activities and Ideas

Let’s have some messy fun! Sensory play is an extremely hands-on activity, which lets kids engage with their senses through the exploration of different materials and textures through play. So you will never be short of ideas! There are a wide range of sensory play activities, which allow you to create a fun and flexible learning space in your early years setting. Here are some fantastic ideas and activities for sensory play, which have been recommended by Georgina, SEN Resources Blogger and Director of Cheshire SEN Tutor LTD. Top 10... Read More

Sensory Play Benefits and Importance 15/02/2018

The Importance of Sensory Play for Early Years

Look. Listen. Touch. Taste. Smell. From birth, children are exploring their senses and processing new information. They begin to make sense of the world around them as they grow through the exploration of new textures, materials and resources. Sensory play is a valuable way of engaging children in activities that will heighten their senses and enrich their learning. Is sensory play really that important? Yes! Sensory play encourages discovery and independent thinking, as well as inspiring imagination and creativity. Research shows that there are many different ways in which sensory... Read More

doll play diversity importance 07/02/2018

The Importance of Doll Play and Diversity

Kids just love to take care of their very own baby! From a very early age, children begin to explore the world around them and imitate actions and behaviours they have seen through pretend play. They start adopting roles of characters they have observed and one way of them doing this is through doll play. Is Doll Play Really That Important? Yes! Playing with dolls is a popular way of young children implementing imaginative play – which is vital for a child’s development. A doll is more than just a toy... Read More

2012 Olympic Games 08/06/2012

Olympic Countdown

Well, we’re finally on countdown to the opening ceremony of the 2012 Olympic Games. At EYR we were very excited as the Olympic torch travelled within a whisker of us! It really brought home how soon this magnificent spectacle will be unfolding before our eyes, and how schools, nurseries and Early Years settings will be celebrating with their own sports days, fun days and summer celebrations. It’s not too late to order from our Olympics and Active Play sections, or Summer Brochures. All orders will be dispatched within 48 working... Read More


Summer Savers for EYFS Teachers

Have you seen the Summer Catalogue from Early Years Resources? This 24 page brochure was sent to every school and nursery in the U.K but if you haven’t managed to track down this little gem you can find it on our website (or you can ring us for a copy). In addition to some brand new products we’ve also reduced the price of a number of products – up to £20 off our usual retail price. Take a look at these products to grab a bargain: World Celebrations Display Pack,... Read More

EYR Tactile Cushion Pack 14/03/2012

Praise indeed for our First Years ‘explore and investigate’ products

Our First Years products were recently applauded at a new ‘play and explore’ session for mums and young children. Favourites for the youngest children were the EYR Tactile Cushion Pack and the Boing Proballs. The babies were thrilled with the tactile cushions, as they investigated the variety of textures or used them to cuddle, just like a favourite comforter. Also popular were the Boing Proballs which were the perfect size for little hands and amazed the children when they lit up and changed colour. The toddlers and pre schoolers were... Read More


Finding new products isn’t child’s play!

This week we make our annual visit to the London Toy Fair. This is always an interesting and surprisingly challenging excursion. The problem with toy fairs is, well, the toys…. cute, cuddly toys; noisy, irritating toys; menacing, aggressive toys and dozens of toys that have been designed purely to ride TV or blockbuster bandwagons and part hectored parents from their inflation-diminished cash. Amongst all the over-packaged, over-engineered, over-priced wares there will be some little gems that deserve a place in our product range and, more important, your home, nursery or classroom. So,... Read More