spring bunting for easter crafts 16/03/2020
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Springtime DIY Bunting – Easter Crafts

Create Spring themed bunting for the perfect Easter decoration! Get the little ones excited for Easter and make your very own colourful Bunting! An ideal arts and crafts project for children aged 5-7 years old. Simply follow these instructions! Art materials you will need: Coloured card – in blue, green, yellow and red Pink patterned paper Black card White card Scissors Glue Pencil Hole punch Garden twine How to make Springtime bunting: Take the coloured card and cut out six flags (two of each colour) for the spring themed bunting.... Read More


Make Your Own Spring Creatures [VIDEO]

It’s nearly time for some sensational spring displays and creative craft activities! Our easy-to-do Spring Creatures craft activity is perfect for children, whether in nurseries, schools or even at home, and will be a great addition to any displays 🐞 Learn how to make these simple Spring Creatures by watching our video tutorial or following the steps below. Art Materials You Will Need: Coloured Paper Glue Scissors Wiggly Eyes (optional) Step 1: Cut several strips of paper to create the body. Step 2: Draw Around something circular to create the... Read More

spring flowers craft activity 03/02/2020

Make Your Own Spring Flowers [VIDEO]

Sensational Spring Displays usually have one main ingredient; flowers! Our easy-to-do Spring Flowers are perfect for children, whether in nurseries, schools or even at home. Learn how to make these simple Spring Flowers by watching our video tutorial or following the steps below. Art Materials You Will Need: Coloured Tissue Paper Glue Scissors Coloured Lolly Sticks Pipe Cleaners Step 1: Layer several pieces of tissue paper, gluing each in the middle. Step 2: Draw around something circular to create the base of your flower, add scalloped petals. Step 3: Cut... Read More

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Sock Bunnies – Easter Crafts

Transform your old socks into these cute decorative bunnies. A fantastic craft idea for your kids this Easter! You will need the following: Socks Fabric scissors Dried rice or lentils Thin ribbon, thread or elastic bands Scraps of felt  Felt tip pens Googly eyes Glue Follow these simple steps to bring your sock bunnies to life: Fill the end third of a sock with rice or lentils and then tie or wrap an elastic band around this section of the sock to make a body. Fill the sock with more... Read More

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Bunny Skittles Game – Easter Crafts

Create some festive fun this Easter with these easy-to-make DIY Bunny Skittles! You will need the following: 10 cardboard tubes White and brown paint Pink and brown card 10 cotton wool balls Polystyrene ball PVA glue Scissors To create this fun Easter game, follow these 4 simple steps: Paint five of the tubes with white paint and the other five tubes with brown paint. Set aside to dry. Draw an oval ear shape onto card and cut it out. Use this as a template to cut out 10 ears from... Read More

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Mother’s Day Gift Box

These boxes can be used to hold gifts such as jewellery or chocolate or can just be used as decoration. To make the boxes you will need: A small box (can be square, round or heart shaped) Scissors Paint Paintbrush Colourful pages from magazines or wrapping paper Pencil Glue Sparkly sequins or gems Ribbon Follow these simple steps: Paint the boxes a colour of your choice and leave to dry. Why not use your mum’s favourite colour! Cut out colourful or patterned paper to fit inside the bottom of the... Read More

mothers day flowers 08/03/2018
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Homemade Flowers for Mother’s Day

Celebrate your mum this Mother’s Day by giving her a beautiful bunch of handmade flowers. You will need: Sheets of coloured tissue paper Scissors Ruler Green pipe cleaners PVA glue Coin Glitter To make the flowers: Cut 2 pieces of tissue paper in different shades, each roughly 12cm x 50cm (you don’t need to be too precise when cutting). Place one directly on top of the other. Keeping the 2 pieces of paper together, accordion-fold, backwards and forwards along the entire length. To make round-edged flowers, draw around a coin... Read More