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How stories can cover more areas of the EYFS curriculum

This article has been written by storytelling specialists, Tonya and Natasha, from Little Creative Days  How stories can cover more areas of the EYFS curriculum than just language and communication Stories are one of the most versatile tools you can use when educating children and if you combine them with other creative activities they become even more powerful! Not only that but combining stories with creative activities, such as puppet making, will also give you the confidence to know that you can fulfil every aspect of that all important EYFS... Read More

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Are you looking for some creative ways to improve language and communication?

This article has been written by storytelling specialists, Tonya and Natasha, from Little Creative Days  Children have an amazing capacity for creativity, their imagination holds no bounds. Children also love stories and it’s a great way to enhance their language and communication skills. So combining stories with creativity can be very powerful, and that’s what we call creative storytelling. Creative storytelling is about combining stories with creative activities and it will help children to really engage with a story. Activities such as puppet making and role play bring stories to... Read More

Halloween Window suncatcher crafts 19/10/2018

Spooky Suncatchers – Halloween Crafts

How To Make A Halloween Window Decorate your windows with these Un-BOO-lievable Halloween suncatcher pictures and create a spooky atmosphere in your classroom, setting or home! Ideal for children ages 5-7 years old. Materials you will need: Glue Stick Scissors Black Card Tissue Paper Pale Pencil To make a Halloween Window, follow these simple instructions: Cut some strips of black card, roughly 3-4cm wide. (Don’t worry about making them straight, as wobbly edges look more interesting!) Glue 4 strips together to make a frame shape, then trim off any overhanging ends... Read More

Spiders Webs halloween crafts 19/10/2018

Spooky Spiders Webs – Halloween Crafts

How To Make Spooky Spiders Webs for Halloween Let the children practice their weaving skills and create their own colourful spooktacular spiderwebs this Halloween. Materials you will need: Lolly Sticks Black Paint Medium Paintbrush Black Wool Coloured Wool Medium Black Pom-Pom Small Wiggly Eyes Glue Scissors To make the spiderweb, follow these simple instructions: Clean and dry 3 lolly sticks. Paint the sticks black and leave to dry. Glue the sticks together to make a star shape. Take a ball of wool and glue one end to the inside of... Read More

Suncatcher autumn crafts 27/09/2018

DIY Suncatcher – Autumn Crafts

How To Make Autumnal Suncatchers Hello sunshine! Now that the colourful Autumn leaves are falling, it’s the perfect time to encourage the children to make their own beautiful suncatchers using the leaves they find – ideal for those sunny autumn days and a great way to welcome the season. Materials you will need: Paper plate Crayons Paints Clear sticky-backed plastic Leaves Wool Scissors Hole punch To make your own autumn suncatcher, follow these simple instructions: Decorate the rim of a paper plate with paints or crayons. (Different coloured fingerprints would also look good).... Read More

Leaf prints autumn crafts 27/09/2018

Leaf Prints – Autumn Crafts

How To Make Leaf Prints What better way to celebrate the colourful Autumn season than with some colourful leaf crafts! This simple, yet fun, idea is a great activity for the children in your setting. Materials you will need: Thin white paper Wax crayons Black card Scissors Glue Leaves To make your own leaf prints, follow these simple instructions: Arrange the leaves on a flat surface, bottom side facing up. Place a sheet of white paper over the top. Use a wax crayon to gently rub over the top of... Read More

Woven Leaves Autumn Crafts 27/09/2018

Woven Leaves – Autumn Crafts

How To Make Woven Leaves Hello Autumn! It’s time to experiment with design and colour this season and make these striking Autumn leaves. Encourage the children to observe Autumn leaves around them – What do they notice? Which colours do they like? This fantastic Autumn crafts idea is ideal for children aged 0-5 years old. Materials you will need: Stiff card or cardboard  Green and brown water colour paint Paint brush Autumn-coloured wool Tape Scissors To make your own woven leaves, follow these simple instructions: Prepare for the activity by cutting... Read More

pumpkin prints halloween art craft 27/09/2018

Pumpkin Prints – Halloween Crafts

How To Make Pumpkin Prints for Halloween Make your very own pumpkin prints! Get the kids into the arts and crafts spirit this Autumn with this colourful craft idea for Halloween. Ideal for children aged 0-5 years old. Materials you will need: Orange and Black Paper Glue Paints Paintbrush Apple Black Fine Liner Pen To make your own Pumpkin Prints, follow these simple instructions: Mix some orange paint onto a plate. Cut an apple in half and use it to print some shapes onto black card. When the shapes are... Read More

Leafy ghosts halloween crafts 27/09/2018

Leafy Ghosts – Halloween Crafts

How To Make Leafy Ghosts for Halloween With Halloween just around the corner and the colourful Autumn leaves beginning to fall, why not get crafty with the leaves and engage the children in some Autumn DIY. So when you’re next out on a brisk Autumn nature walk, take a bag with you to collect some leaves and turn them into an array of friendly ghosts when you get back – perfect for a spooktacular Halloween display! Materials you will need: Dry Leaves White Acrylic Paint Paintbrush Thick Black Marker Pen... Read More

DIY Pirate costume 12/09/2018

DIY Pirate Costume – Crafts

How To Make A Pirate Costume Ahoy, me hearties! Transform your little ones into bootlegged pirates with this hornswaggling DIY Pirate Costume crafts activity. Head on a swashbuckling pirates role play adventure and brush up on your pirates lingo for International Talk Like a Pirate Day! This fantastic pirate crafts idea is ideal for children aged 5-7 years old to spark their creativity and enjoy some imaginative play dress up. Time to walk the plank … Savvy? Materials you will need: Card (black, red, white) White PVA Glue White /... Read More