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encourage children to write 25/04/2018

How to Encourage Children to Write

Do your children grunt when it comes to writing? Are you struggling to engage them in the activity? Writing is an important tool of communication which we encounter in everyday life. It is vital for a child’s development and learning – so it is essential that you encourage children to get involved with writing from an early age, both in school and at home. The key to encouraging a child to write is to make it a fun and meaningful activity for them! Let them enjoy the physical experience of... Read More


The Importance of Mark Making for Early Years

“Scribbles are products of a systematic investigation, rather than haphazard actions”  – John Matthews Encourage children to make their mark! Young children have a natural desire to explore and experiment. They relish in the sensory and physical experience of mark making – enjoying the sensation of marker pens gliding across a whiteboard, paint smearing onto an easel, chalk scraping into the tarmac and grains of sand running through their fingers. Mark making is much more than just a scribble! Babies and toddlers learn and begin to make sense of the... Read More


Outdoor Play Essentials List for Childminders

Time to get outside! Do you have a dedicated outdoor space for children in your childcare setting? There is no set way of creating an outdoor childminding area – but it is important to provide plenty of opportunities for children to be outside, with a variety of outdoor resources that will enhance a child’s development and learning in all the key areas. So we have created a list of essential outdoor play supplies for childminders to make sure that you cover all the key development areas! How enhanced is your... Read More

childminders arts crafts essentials 11/04/2018

Art & Craft Essentials List for Childminders

Struggling to keep the children engaged? Keep the kids entertained for longer with fun and messy hands-on art and craft activities in your childminding setting – perfect for those dreary rainy days! Awaken the children’s imagination and inspire their creativity with arts and crafts! It is essential to offer lots of creative and messy play opportunities in your childcare setting, as research has shown that arts and crafts play an important role in enhancing a child’s development and learning – helping to develop their confidence, creativity, imagination, social skills, coordination, motor... Read More

physical activity importance outdoor gym 10/04/2018

The Importance of Physical Activity for Children

The Importance of Physical Activity for Children in School Hop, skip, jump…it’s time to get the kids active! How physically active is your child? In a digital world where children are spending more and more time looking at screens and less time playing outdoors, the problem of childhood obesity is becoming a growing concern in the UK. It is therefore extremely important to encourage a healthy and active lifestyle from a young age to try and reduce inactivity and sedentary in children. Do your children do enough physical activity? The... Read More

essential childminding equipment checklist 04/04/2018

Essential Childminding Equipment List

New to childminding or thinking about setting up your own childminding business in your home? Make sure you’ve got all the childminding essentials you need to look after young children with our handy essentials checklist for childminders! Safety   It is extremely important to ensure that you have a safe and healthy environment for children with equipment that conforms to the safety standards. Promote safety in your childminding setting and make sure you have the following childcare safety essentials: Baby Monitor Fireguards First Aid Kit – If you wish to improve... Read More

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Sock Bunnies – Easter Crafts

Transform your old socks into these cute decorative bunnies. A fantastic craft idea for your kids this Easter! You will need the following: Socks Fabric scissors Dried rice or lentils Thin ribbon, thread or elastic bands Scraps of felt  Felt tip pens Googly eyes Glue Follow these simple steps to bring your sock bunnies to life: Fill the end third of a sock with rice or lentils and then tie or wrap an elastic band around this section of the sock to make a body. Fill the sock with more... Read More

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Woven Easter Egg Baskets – Easter Crafts

These simple woven Easter Egg Baskets are perfect as a festive Easter decoration or can be used to collect eggs on an exciting Easter Egg Hunt! You will need the following: A4 coloured paper (at least 2 colours) Ruler Pencil Scissors Glue stick To make the baskets, follow these easy steps: Cut lots of strips from the A4 paper, roughly 2cm wide. Lay five, same coloured strips in a row on a flat surface. Take five strips of different coloured paper. Weave the first strip over and under the original... Read More

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Bunny Skittles Game – Easter Crafts

Create some festive fun this Easter with these easy-to-make DIY Bunny Skittles! You will need the following: 10 cardboard tubes White and brown paint Pink and brown card 10 cotton wool balls Polystyrene ball PVA glue Scissors To create this fun Easter game, follow these 4 simple steps: Paint five of the tubes with white paint and the other five tubes with brown paint. Set aside to dry. Draw an oval ear shape onto card and cut it out. Use this as a template to cut out 10 ears from... Read More

spring-display-2018-competition 20/03/2018

Spring Display 2018 Competition

** Spring Display Competition Extended ** It’s competition time! Spring has finally sprung and we want to see the most sensational spring displays! We have 3 amazing prizes up for grabs and all we ask you to do is simply complete the following 3 steps to enter: Create a beautiful Spring Display Take a good quality Photograph of your completed project Send the photo to us via Email at sales@earlyyearsresources.co.uk Use the email subject line ‘SPRING DISPLAY COMPETITION ENTRY’ and state the following: Contact Name, Name of Establishment, Age of Children, OFSTED Reg. No., Contact... Read More