Wellbeing Tips for Children

Coronavirus has brought chaos and limitations to everyone around the world in some way or another. For children in particular the constant changes and news updates can be confusing and scary but it is normal to have worries. It is important to encourage children to be aware of their feelings and look after their mental health and overall wellbeing. Here are some tips to suggest to children: 1. Stay connected with other people It’s really important for children to talk about their feelings to adults they trust, like parents or... Read More

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Chinese New Year Traditions & Activity Ideas

Chinese New Year, also known as the Spring Festival, is the most important celebration in the Chinese Calendar. It marks the start of the New Year and each year this is represented by a different animal from the Chinese zodiac. The coming year, 2021, will be the year of the Ox, symbolising persistence and honesty. Chinese New Year Traditions To celebrate the New Year, there are many traditions: Before the festivities, families clean their homes thoroughly to make them ready for the celebrations. It is considered unlucky to clean on... Read More

christmas character cards 29/10/2020

Triangle Character Christmas Cards – Crafts

Create a Christmas Character Card Send thoughtful and unique Christmas wishes this year with these wonderfully fun DIY Christmas Character Cards. An ideal festive craft project for children this Christmas. Simply follow the instructions below to make your own Christmas Character Christmas Card. Art materials you will need: A4 coloured card Card A pencil A ruler Felt Scissors Pompoms Googly eyes or sticker eyes Glue How to make these Christmas Character Cards: To make a triangle template for the card, simply fold a piece of card (12cm x 16cm) in... Read More

Rudolph Gift Box - Christmas Crafts 22/10/2020

Rudolph Gift Boxes – Christmas Crafts

This arts and crafts activity is perfect for the season of giving! Get creative and make these Rudolph Gift Boxes for friends and family. Suitable for ages 5 to 7 years old. Read the simple instructions below to get started: Art materials you will need: A4 brown card Double sided-tape Craft knife Metal ruler Medium sized red pom-pom Eye stickers Pipe cleaners Twine or wool Black marker pen Strong glue Gluestick Instructions for your Rudolph Gift Boxes: Print out a template of a triangular box and glue it to brown... Read More

Symmetrical Snowflakes - Winter crafts 21/10/2020

Symmetry Snowflakes – Winter Crafts

These Symmetrical Snowflakes are a brr-illiant arts and crafts activity for this winter. Get as creative as you like! Hang these snowflakes from any window to make the ultimate winter window display. Suitable for ages 0 to 5 years old. Read the simple instructions below to get started: Art materials you will need: White/cream card Gold cord Hole punch Scissors Glue Decorations (e.g. sequins, plastic jewels, stickers, scraps of textured card, foam shapes etc.) Instructions for your Snowflakes: Before making your snowflake, discuss the topic of symmetry with the child.... Read More

snowflake game winter crafts 20/10/2020

Snowflake Game – Winter Crafts

Create a Snowflake Game this winter If the weather outside is frightful, why not create your own winter activity inside with this wonderfully fun DIY Snowflake Game. An ideal craft project for young children, which also helps them practice addition. Simply follow the instructions below to make this Snowflake Game and enjoy. Art materials you will need: Blue patterned paper A3 black card / mount board White card 12 x blue buttons Black pen Pencil Scissors Glue 2 x dice How to make this Snowflake Game: Use a pencil to... Read More

Santa Suit Baubles - Christmas Crafts 19/10/2020

Santa Suit Baubles – Christmas Crafts

Have some fun this Christmas with these fab Santa Suit Baubles. Perfect to hang off the Christmas tree or even a window! Suitable for all ages. Read the simple instructions below to get started: Art materials you will need: Coloured card – in red, black and gold Gold cord Scissors Glue Instructions for your Santa Suit Baubles: Cut out a circle of red card, approx. 8cm in diameter. It may help to draw around a circular object, such as a cup. Cut out a thin (1cm wide) strip of black... Read More

5 Top Tips to increase Role-Play for toddlers 16/10/2020

How To Encourage Toddler Role Play

This article has been written by mum of two and youth theatre leader Jen, from Raising2Children, who shares her top tips on how to increase and encourage toddler role play. There are many role-play benefits for children and these benefits are eloquently listed in the ‘importance of imaginative play’ blog post. As I write this article, I am envisaging a 3-year-old. However, every child has different abilities which can be celebrated and validated. So, focusing on ‘stage’ rather than their ‘age’ is key in toddler role-play. 5 Top Tips To... Read More

diwali umbrella elephant crafts 15/10/2020

Elephant Umbrella – Diwali Crafts

Celebrate Diwali with this colourful elephant based on a traditional Indian umbrella decoration, fun for all the kids! Read the simple instructions below to get started: Art materials you will need: A paper bowl Paint A brush Coloured card Patterned paper Sticky tape Beads 2 x wobbly eyes Felt pens Thin ribbon or wool Sequins Glue Instructions for your Elephant Umbrella: Paint a cardboard bowl on the inside and outside then leave it to dry. Cut out 2 matching elephants. Glue them together with a piece of ribbon taped between... Read More

Diwali Decoration 14/10/2020

Diwali Centrepiece Decoration – Crafts

This Diwali Decoration is the perfect arts and crafts activity this Diwali! Diwali lanterns are lit and hung inside and outside homes to celebrate the Festival of Light. Try making your own Diwali design as a table centrepiece. Follow the simple instructions below to get started! Art materials you will need: A cardboard plate A glue stick Coloured paper Scissors Glitter glue Acrylic gems or sequins LED tea lights Instructions for your Diwali Decoration: Cut a circle from coloured paper to fit in the middle of your plate. Cut out... Read More